Art Prizes finalist 2021

March 2021: “Glimpses” at Michael Reid Northern Beaches

plural noun: glimpses
a momentary or partial view.
“she caught a glimpse of the ocean”;

see or perceive briefly or partially.
“he glimpsed a figure standing in the shade”
– Definitions from Oxford Languages

“Glimpses” marks my reacquaintance with the medium of oil paint, after many years of exclusively using acrylic paint and other water-based and drawing media. The paint quality, how it behaves, its personality and expressive qualities…reveals itself progressively to me, through glimpses.

September 2021: “Magic Stillness”, Distance Gallery, group show curated by A Millis & L Vahlberg

May 2021: Mini-release in conjunction with “STILL” (Thames & Hudson) launch 

December 2021: Scarbrough Art Show and Book