My Kind

You know the kind of woman –

Women who swim in the ocean alone,
Walking women,
Fitting & turning & wiley women, 
clockwork women keeping the parts spinning.

Unsleeping women,
women who keep the night lights on,
Bee keeping, tree digging,
no flies on her women! 

Blunt & sharp / soft & lean
firm & sweet.
Steady handed women,
bloody sweary women. 

Rhyming women, fighting women,
deft fingers weaving some alchemy women;
Industrious women, burrowing women,
Dirt on her cheek. 

Fancy women, dancing women,
women who make –
she made a ring, a vessel, a garden –
she made a man, girls; strong hearts. 

Fast women, very fast,
not smiling just for anyone women,
She’ll make you laugh

My kind of women.