“My paintings are a response to the visual excitement found in life; my motifs revolve around daily rhythms, human activity and small moments. I am interested in finding that space between perceptual painting and something more abstract, and using colour relationship and shapes to describe the effects of light.”

April 2022

Delighted to announce my first solo show ‘Between Brick & Crimson’, which Michael Reid Southern Highlands in Berrima.

The catalogue: https://michaelreidsouthernhighlands.com.au/exhibition/between-brick-and-crimson/

From the catalogue:

Between Brick and Crimson is an exhibition of new paintings by painter, Anh Nguyen, an artist who in recent years has risen to prominence through her consistent participation in some of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes. Anh Nguyen is presenting her first major solo exhibition at Michael Reid Southern Highlands following a string of successful shows at Michael Reid Northern Beaches. Working closely with Director, Amber Creswell Bell, Nguyen has amassed audiences both locally and internationally. Her work has recently been published in Creswell Bell’s STILL LIFE (Thames and Hudson).

Anh Nguyen is a painter who possesses both skill and vision.  In her works, Nguyen compresses space to enhance the dynamic energy in her painted crowds and street scenes. Lively flickering brushstrokes and contrasting colours coalesce in a collection of still life, landscape and narrative paintings.

August 2020

“Green Coat” (2020), charcoal, soft pastel and pencil on paer, 56x66cm.

Absolutely over the moon to have won this year’s Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize! The biggest thanks to the McCreas, Noosa Regional Gallery and judge Michael Zavros. I really enjoyed reading the judge’s thoughts as follows:

“When I judge a prize I try to remove any parameters to my assessment of the work,  attempting to put aside my own interests, politics, tastes. The shortlist and finally the winning work emerges because I keep looking at it. It’s as simple as that. It asks me to look again and again and then I  try to understand why.
The winning drawing by Anh Nguyen is an arresting self portrait. Perhaps drawn from a photograph or a mirror, the subject sits at a table dwarfed by her studio and surrounding apparatus. It’s an unusual composition, the figure just left of centre regarding us impassively, one half of her face completely in shadow. There is a joy to the drawing gesture here. Oil pastel, charcoal and watercolour or a wash combine to deliver a rich gestural surface echoing the studio itself and its myriad media. But this isn’t careful  rendering, Nguyen delivers more with less. It’s a spare and immediate drawing.” – Michael Zavros


October 2019

February 2019

“Jamboree Morning”, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 64 x 94cm

Thrilled to share the news that I am the winner of the Basil Sellers Art Prize 2019. It was a most special weekend down in Moruya with my family, and I am so very honoured (and surprised!!)

Further information:

My interview from opening night with ABC Reporter Peta Doherty and also with Basil Sellers (warning – dodgy mobile phone recording!)

Basil Sellers Art Prize 2019 winner Anh Nguyen with ABC’s Peta Doherty